December 11, 2020

Hawai`i Survey: COVID-19 Vaccine Uncertainty Growing Among Public

A November 2020 survey of 616 Hawai`i residents performed by University of Hawaii at Mānoa Public Policy Center revealed that only 44% of respondents intend to get the COVID-19 vaccine when available. 37% remain unsure if they will get it; the number of respondents definite that they would get it has declined 7% since the Public Policy Center’s August 2020 survey.

Colin Moore, director of the Center, attributed waning COVID-19 vaccine interest to “uncertainty in the government right now” and “lack of trust in the regulatory process right now that it will be safe.”

Children’s Health Defense – Hawai`i Chapter President, Kim Haine, who was invited to HawaiiNewsNow on Dec. 8 to comment on the survey, stated,  “This vaccine is liability-free. If it injures you, the manufacturers and the providers are protected under…the PREP Act. So you’re out of luck; you can’t sue them.”

In fact, all childhood vaccines on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s [CDC’s] recommended childhood vaccine schedule are liability-free, since the 1980s. [This shocking video explores the history of how and why the US Government granted vaccine manufacturers liability protection in the first place.]

CHD-HI is committed to the principle of medical freedom for all. Those who choose to take COVID-19 vaccines, or any vaccines, should be free to do so. On the flip side, however, in accordance with the Nuremberg Code, deriving from the post-World War II era, no medical procedure or experiment should ever be mandated, but rather must be completely voluntary and un-coerced after full disclosure of risks. People always must give their informed consent; in the case of minor children, competent parents or guardians must give informed consent on their children’s behalf.

For more information on the fundamental principle of informed consent and vaccines, we recommend visiting Children’s Health Defense, National Vaccine Information Center, Physicians for Informed Consent, The Highwire and

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