About Us

Children’s Health Defense – Hawai`i Chapter is a Hawai`i nonprofit, under the umbrella of the national Children’s Health Defense organization, founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., sharing similar objectives to eliminate obstacles to human health, well-being and to promote bodily sovereignty.

Kim Haine, President

Kim is a mom on fire for truth, justice, and freedom. She is a UCLA grad, and as a maternal/pediatric chiropractor had hands on experience with the explosion of chronic childhood illness in the ’90s and 2000s. After becoming a Mother herself, and witnessing the suffering and grace of family and friends who’ve endured vaccine injury, the drive to seek both answers and solutions only intensified, as without healthy children…we have no future.

“The power that made the body heals the body” are chiropractic words she has lived by, inherent within the “terrain is more important than the germ,” and she has always found passion and inspiration from the natural world. She believes that our kids are slow-boiling like the proverbial frog in a toxic soup of wireless technology, chemical laden foods, and way too many untested, unnecessary vaccines, with a simultaneous assault on parental autonomy, choice and informed consent.

She needs to be able to show her children we did not stay silent, that the time is now, and she knows that a small group of passionate people can change the world. The purveyors of a “new normal” are dark and powerful forces, but we have light, truth, and parents’ love on our side. She strives to help create a future where people are valued over profit, health and human connection reign free, and ALOHA is greater than fear.

Dawn Poiani, Treasurer

Dawn Poiani is a momma bear of three energetic boys. Health of body, mind and spirit are important to her. A healthy world is an important part of her paradigm of living. She wants to leave a world where freedom of what is put into your bodies, and what we are exposed to in your environment, is a choice and not the will of corporations. As an entrepreneur she understands the complexity of business and and the management of what is right for the over-all health of a community and the world. Dawn believes,“We need to put beliefs aside and look at the long term health of our communities. If we cannot look long-term, we cannot protect the future of our Keiki. Environmental impact from vaccines, water, air pollution, and EMF’s is the perfect storm to destroy the future of our children’s lives. This can be turned around, but people need to wake up and become involved to change the power structure of corporate influence on politics and our environment.”

Renée Dieperink, Secretary

Renée has been an elementary school teacher for 31 years, and has a passion for teaching. Her career started in the Netherlands where she was born and raised, and after that she taught more than two decades in Hawai`i. In this timespan she has seen the health of children vastly decline. She witnessed how children used to be out of school due to childhood illnesses like measles, mumps, and chickenpox. Nowadays we don’t see that anymore, she says, but about half of all students have chronic diseases or conditions that affect their learning. Renée is eager to work with a network of friends and activists on issues pertaining to health and medical freedom, and she enjoys educating others about these issues.