Hawai`i Issues

People and creatures of the twenty-first century face unprecedented assaults on their health. Here you will find information and links to arm yourself against these obstacles to the achievement of optimum wellness. Click on the topic headers for info specific to that topic.


With the imminent rollout of fast-tracked DNA-altering vaccines in the name of combatting COVID-19 illness, it behooves us to deep-dive into the claims of safety and efficacy prior to rolling up our sleeves. Are they proven safe and effective? “Educate before you vaccinate!” [in the words of beloved physician/attorney Dr. Mayer Eisenstein] — now more than ever.

Hawai`i School Vaccine Mandates and Exemptions

2020 ushered in new vaccine mandates for Hawai`i school eligibility for both public and private schools, from elementary school through college age. Restrictions were placed on exemptions to vaccine mandates.

5G and Wireless Safety

CHD-Hawai`i Chapter is proud to collaborate with Maui’s Dr. Debra Greene of to bring to you information on the health effects of wireless radiation exposure. Click on this header for more.

Water Fluoridation

Hawai`i’s public water supply remains unfluoridated. Failed legislation in past sessions has attempted to mandate fluoridation, as communities across the nation are rejecting this practice. Learn about the history and potential hazards here.

COVID-19 Collateral Damage Awareness

We mourn with people across the world for those who have lost their lives and loved ones to the ravages of COVID-19. Tragically, there are too many others who indirectly have fallen victim to COVID-19 via prolonged lockdowns. We seek to bring balance to the discussion of COVID by bringing attention to those who have been forgotten by public policy makers and media who behave as if they do not exist or are less worthy of focus. If public health and safety measures are to be deemed legitimate, the full spectrum of destruction must be acknowledged and not neglected.

Food and Drug Safety

Here we will discuss topics such as GMO, pesticide and herbicide hazards, as well as drugs (other than vaccines).


Here we will discuss assaults to human health via particulates and other aspects of geoengineering technology.