December 16, 2020

Are PCR Tests Being Misused to Create a “Casedemic”?

Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR, is the main type of laboratory test being performed to diagnose COVID-19 “cases”; governments around the world are using vaguely defined case statistics to issue policy decisions adversely affecting their constituents’ livelihoods and lives, in the name of collective sacrifice to “flatten the curve” of deaths and illnesses officially attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The world economy came to a grinding halt in 2020 as a result of  prolonged society-wide shutdowns, compelled under “emergency status” proclamations by public officials, with associated curtailment of individual liberty. More and more people are becoming wise to the fact that rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights and US Constitution never are to be suspended, regardless of any emergency proclamation.

Any deaths are tragic, and this article should not be construed as insensitive to those who have succumbed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A fair and balanced assessment of our current plight, however, demands that we not ignore the lives also being destroyed by the official response to COVID-19 illness.

Experts in medical science publicly are calling out government officials’ misapplication of PCR testing of humans to diagnose infectious disease.

In fact, Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of PCR testing, stated on more than one video interview that PCR is not an appropriate tool to diagnose disease. He died in 2019, just months prior to the first recognized cases of COVID-19.

Furthermore, here is Mullis calling out the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [NIAID] Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In light of such legitimate concerns about false positive test results and a desire for better transparency, Florida recently mandated that all PCR results must be accompanied by an indication from COVID-19 test reporting laboratories of the number of “cycle thresholds” [or numbers of amplifications] the sample underwent to complete the test. In general, the higher the cycle threshold used by a lab, the higher the chance of a positive test result being a “false positive.”

Even Dr. Fauci is on record revealing the truth about high cycle thresholds yielding false positive results.

High cycle thresholds yielding high false positives have grave implications for public policy based on cases. Do we have a true pandemic when 99.8% of people recover from COVID-19? Many argue that we have not had a defacto pandemic for months now, while Governor Ige, Hawai`i Department of Health, LT Governor Green and Hawai`i mayors rely on “cases” instead of the better indicators of severity of illness, like definitive COVID-19 deaths, ICU beds taken by confirmed COVID-19-ill individuals, hospital releases of COVID patients. To them, it’s always about the “cases.” PCR false positives may be enabling prolongation of draconian shutdown measures, with disastrous effects on people’s lives.

Case counts often are tallied on individuals who are asymptomatic or who have mild to moderate flu-like illness. We in Hawai`i have too little transparency from our local public officials to accurately assess their decision-making process with regard to “Tier” advancement or regression.

We have yet to receive an official Department of Health or other official briefing on what exactly comprises a “case.” For example, could a single individual’s positive test plus subsequent confirmatory tests account for multiple “cases” in the official daily count? They must clarify.

With no independent corroboration of their data, we are beholden to their  statistics. The Governor’s and Mayors’ emergency status proclamation powers effectively nullify existing legal protections of civil liberties, according to Hawai`i statute, but in contradiction to a recent Constitutional lawsuit outcome.

People’s lives are being decimated, as businesses are lost forever, and families more and more are reliant on food donations, become homeless or are separated via compelled migration to the mainland in search of more affordable living conditions.

Perhaps worst of all, the statistics on collateral damage seemingly are being ignored, concealing the true toll of the prolonged shutdowns. Multitudes of suffering victims are neglected due to hyperfocus on direct COVID-19 victims.

If public officials were being fair, they would collect and share data on these equally tragic victims of the pandemic. How many suicides, attempted suicides, mental disorders, substance abuse cases, homicides, domestic violence cases and other neglected medical conditions can be chalked up to the imbalanced government response to COVID? How many years into the future will we be grappling with the social fallout and despair?

It makes one shudder to contemplate the persistent negative effects on the psyche of our youth, whose lives are stagnating, while they themselves are impacted minimally by the virus–all for a disease comparable to influenza in statistical virulence–for which we never before have adopted such drastic mitigation measures.

Scientists like Dr. Michael Yeadon in this article are stepping out on the limb to call the ongoing high cycle threshold-PCR-based casedemic a “hoax” on the people of the world.

Yeadon is not alone. Here is a recent report by Yeadon and colleagues, calling for the retraction of a paper supportive of PCR testing, highlighting ten flaws of the publication.

It’s time to hold our Hawai`i public officials accountable for their reliance on dubious PCR testing driving the policies from which we may not readily recover.

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